Dear Visitors of the Paddledays Trade Fair,

Kassel , Germany 31/07/2021

first of all I want to thank you, as well in the Name of the BV Kanu, for your interest in the new Canoe & Kayak Fair Paddledays in Kassel / Germany.


As we all know in this Days it is not easy to orgainse such a Big Event, but we are very positive that we can perform a good Fair for all of you.

Nerveless because of that we are continuously in Touch with local Authorities to provide a safe Event.

Due to the Reason it is B2B Fair, all Exhibitors and Visitors are registered.


I am very happy to announce that all foreign Exhibitors and Visitors of the Paddledays are excempt from quarantine and travel restrictions:

Due to the Reason that the Situation changed for most of you the Preorder Dates mostly ahead of the new Fair, we would like to extend the “Paddledays” Programme with several Lectures and Seminars to following Subjects:

  • New suddenly High Level Waters due to global Warming and the Handling of unprofessional Weather Forecast (Apps)
  • Which Insurance make sense for Rental and Distribution Business?
  • Onlineshop, what are the Regulations and what are the Rights of Seller and Buyer?
  • Boatlogistics and Cargo, alternative and Eco Solutions
  • Restrictions for Canoeing on Rivers, Lakes and Ocean The Final Programme and Floor Plan will be published soon.


Best Regards
Stefan Bretthauer
Organisator Paddledays

New date - September 2022

Dear Visitors of the Paddledays canoe show in Kassel,

in the name of BV Kanu we unfortunately have to inform you that we had to decide today to postpone the fair in Kassel for one year. Due to the increasing numbers of corona infections and the associated requirements of the authorities, we can no longer guarantee a safe execution of such an event.
Nevertheless, we believe in the success of this fair and we will inform you shortly about a new fair date for autumn 2022.
Thank you very much for your understanding.