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Conditions of Participation and General Terms and Conditions for Exhibitors


PaddleDays, 25+26.09.2021, Messe Kassel, Germany.

Organizer:BV Kanu e.V. Gunther-Plüschow-Str. 8D-50829 Cologne

1st chairman: Lothar Krebs

The registration takes place by returning the legally signed registration form.

The contract becomes effective with the invoice of the organizer.

The trade fair / exhibition management will make every effort to comply with the exhibitor’s wishes regarding the choice of stand form, but reserves the right -in consultation with the exhibitor -to make changes due to schedulere quirements, even after the down payment has been made. Once the stand has been confirmed, the exhibitor is not entitled to withdraw from the contract outside of the statutory provisions and the following regulations.

If the exhibitor cancels his participation after this date or declares his withdrawal ortermination of the contract, exhibitorsmust pay the participation fee for the entire booked stand area and the ancillary costs incurred up to this date.

The organizer reserves the right to withdraw from the contract until 14.05.2021. In this case, the exhibitor will receive a full refund of the stand rent paid in advance. This applies in particular if the trade fair should not take place for special reasons or due to lack of participation.

Should the trade fair be prohibited by the authorities, even at short notice, 100% of the stand rent will be refunded. In any case of cancellation, further costs incurred by the exhibitor up to that point will not be reimbursed.

The inclusion of a (i.e.-exhibitor/an additionally represented company) must be notedin writing with the application, stating the full address includingcontact person. An approval of the organizer is required.

The exhibitor must provide the organizer with a list of the trademarks exhibited together with the application. Later registrations are possible, but require the approval of the organizer.

A structural demarcation of the stand area to the neighboring stands is mandatory. Requests for size and placement as well as for supplies will be fulfilled as best as possible, but the exhibitor has no right to a specific Location and Dimensions. Areas of row standsfacing neighbors must be kept neutral. Stand heights over 2.5 m only after express approval by the organizer.

The exhibitor is liable for any damage that may occur if he does not ensure the stability of the stand partition walls again after dismantling his stand. Decorative material used by the exhibitor must be flame-retardant and must also otherwise comply with police regulations. The exhibitor is liable for any damage to the walls and floors or alterations to the rented stand areas caused by himself, his personnel and his agents. We recommend the conclusion of an exhibitor’s liability insurance.

Stands of companies that are not occupied 16 hours before the start of the event or for which there is no indication of a later arrival will be equipped with rear and side walls at the exhibitor’s expense on behalf of the exhibition management and decorated in the sense of a representative overall image, or otherwise assigned. In this case, the stand rent and ancillary costs must be paid in full. If the standis dismantled before the end of the exhibition, the trade fair / exhibition management is entitled to charge a penalty of € 500 plus VAT.

After the Show, the entire stand must be cleared, including any floor coverings and exhibition stand provided by the exhibitor. Any items remaining on the stand will be disposed of at the exhibitor’s expense.

In the event that the dismantling work is not completed on time through the fault of the exhibitor, additional costs will be charged to the exhibitor.

The trade fair / exhibition management is entitled to have authorized personnel make drawings, film recordings and photographs of trade fair stands and exhibited items .The exhibitor waives all objections arising from property rights and rights of use. Persons otherthan those authorized by the trade fair/exhibition management require the express written permission of the trade fair/exhibition management to take photographs of any kind.

The exhibitor is obliged to fit protective devices to his exhibited machinery, apparatus, equipment and other exhibits which comply with the accident prevention regulations of the employers’ liability insurance association. The exhibitor shall be liable for all personal injury or damage to property caused during or as a result of the operation of exhibited machinery, apparatus, equipment, etc.

The trade fair / exhibition management assumes no liability for fire damage, burglary and theft, pipe water and weather damage. The trade fair / exhibition management therefore strongly recommendstaking out exhibition insurance. The exhibitor is responsible for compliance with the VDE regulations from the point of transfer of electricity. No liability will be accepted for e.g. overvoltage damage. Exhibitors with their own electrical distribution system are reminded that a residual current circuit breaker is mandatory. Current draw from the ducts or wall sockets is not permitted and will result in power disconnection of the complete connection.

The exhibitor is also liable for all damage caused to the rented Stand and areas by the exhibitor.

Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the entire hall.

All fire alarms, hydrants, smoke flaps, electrical distribution and switch boxes, telephone distributors, and air supply and exhaust openings for heating and ventilation systems must remain freely accessible and unobstructed. This applies in particular to emergency exits. Furthermore, fire doors must not be kept open by wedging them open. Authorized representatives and service personnel of Messe Kassel as well as the supervisory authorities must be granted access to the aforementioned facilities at all times.

A fire alarm system is installed in the roof structure of the hall. No smoke generators of any kind, e.g. sweepers, stage fog, welding equipment, grinding machines, may be operated in the hall without prior consultation with the organizer or Messe Kassel GmbH.

Propane, butane and similar bottles may not be set up or used in the halls.. In the event of infringements, the organizer is entitled to remove the equipment at the exhibitor’s expense and, if necessary, to have the stand closed for safety reasons. Gas, petrol, kerosene etc. may not be used for cooking, heating or operating purposes.

The exhibitor and any co-exhibitors are responsible for compliance with all legal regulations.

Decorations, advertisements or other superstructures and installations must comply with the fire safety regulations and, if necessary, the regulations of the building authorities. Only flame-retardant materials may be used for decorations.

The exhibitor is liable for all personal injury and property damage caused intentionally and negligently within the rented exhibition stand within the premises, halls and outdoor area.

All planned suspension points on ceilings must be reported to the organizer in advance and approved.

Only TESA canvas tape may be used for fixing floor coverings. Otherwise, any removal costs will be charged to the party responsible.

Advertising media may not be placed outside the rented stand area. Within the framework of the fulfilmentof the contract, the personal data provided by you will be processed. In this context, they may also be passed on to third parties(service partners) if this is necessary for the fulfilmentof the contract.

By registering to participate in the event, the exhibitor accepts the conditions of participation and the house rules as binding for himself and his representatives.

However in case of Justice the Regulations of the German Language Version will appear and will be used in Front of Court.

Place of performance and jurisdiction is Cologne

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New date - September 2022

Dear Visitors of the Paddledays canoe show in Kassel,

in the name of BV Kanu we unfortunately have to inform you that we had to decide today to postpone the fair in Kassel for one year. Due to the increasing numbers of corona infections and the associated requirements of the authorities, we can no longer guarantee a safe execution of such an event.
Nevertheless, we believe in the success of this fair and we will inform you shortly about a new fair date for autumn 2022.
Thank you very much for your understanding.